Vizio E32-C1 32-INCH 1080p Smart LED TV

Vizio E32-C1 32-INCH 1080p Smart LED TV

This Vizio E32-C1 smart TV allows you to browse your best-loved apps, like Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. You can do this directly from your TV’s intuitive user interface.

Picture quality becomes vivid and more detailed with its self-moderating LED backlighting. Through this feature, you can watch your favorite programs regardless of the lighting conditions of your room.


  • Built-in Smart capability which enables you to get into loads of entertainment apps immediately
  • Size: 32” LED TV which suits any small room
  • 1080p HD resolution for clearer HD content images
  • Built-in Wi-Fi to get connected in any wireless home network
  • Designed with an easy-to-use Internet App Plus home screen for simple browsing of your best-loved apps
  • Clear Action 240 for greater motion vividness
  • 2 HDMI inputs for HD device connection
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate for sharper motion images


Less input lag

Any HD devices connected to this TV model are promised to experience less lag.

This product is well suited as a gaming device because it produces less input lag. This makes your gaming experience more seamless and more enjoyable.

Reduced motion blur

With features like the Clear Action 240 and a 120Hz Refresh Rate, this TV model certainly delivers better motion clarity.

This enables you to watch any action sequences more clearly. This heightens your entertainment experience as blurs are lessened to give a smoother and more realistic motion effect.

Good picture quality

Its Full Array LED backlighting and 1080p Resolution makes this product generate quality HD pictures.

Not only does this greatly enhance your viewing experience, this also makes it compatible with Blu ray DVDs, generating brilliant HD resolution.

Ease of use

A simple App Launcher and Full-Screen App Home enables you to search for whatever app you’d like.

Organize your apps in the Full-Screen App Launcher to access them in an instant.

This greatly alleviates time and effort in searching for your favorite apps. The Internet Apps Plus is already configured on the TV which makes it easy to watch thousands of popular apps right at your fingertips.


Sound vibrates when volume is set high

A few customers have reported issues regarding the sound quality of the TV when its volume is set to a higher level. It makes a vibrating sound which some of them have found annoying.

To get a better sound quality and fix this problem, it is suggested that you invest in buying a sound bar. You can connect this to any home theater system to boost the TV volume to a higher level.

Deficient viewing angle

A small number of customers have concerns regarding the poor picture quality when viewed from a side angle. The picture seems to appear unclear when viewed from the sides.

The easiest way to remedy this is if you can place yourself more or less in front of the TV. This way, you can fully enjoy its full HD experience.

Sporadic Wi-fi connection

One of the issues for some customers, is its internet connection which randomly cuts off while its streaming programs, certainly a hassle if you’re watching your favorite shows.

This could be the result of poor internet speeds. Make sure your broadband package offers the highest connection speeds you can afford to avoid this kind of situation.

Comparison with other products

The Vizio E32-C1 32-INCH 1080p Smart LED TV is the same size as the TCL 32S3800 32-INCH 720p Roku Smart LED TV. Both also have the same Smart functionality which enables you to stream thousands of movies and TV shows.

However, both products differ in HD resolution. While the Vizio E32-C1 is built with 1080p Resolution, the TCL 32S3800 only has 720p Resolution. This lets the Vizio model deliver a better picture quality resolution than it’s TCL rival.

On the other hand, the Vizio E32-C1 32-INCH 1080p Smart LED TV is a smaller option compared to the LG Electronics 43LF5400 43-inch 1080p.

This indicates that the Vizio model is not preferable to the LG model if you’re seeking a large TV. However, the Vizio model wins in terms of Smart functionality over its LG counterpart.


Overall, the 32” Vizio E32-C1 smart TV is great value for money, as it presents both Smart features and good picture quality. If you have a small room, this set is perfect for you since it’s only 32”.

With its affordable price, you can stream your favorite programs and movies immediately right to your home. This is certainly a must-buy if you seek an entry-level Smart LED TV.

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