Vizio E24-C1 24-Inches 1080p Smart LED TV 2015 Model

Vizio E24-C1 24-Inches 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

This 24-inch TV from Vizio comes in a similar quality and package to the unit they produced last year. However, there are also some upgrades and certain downgrades. One of the most attractive features of this unit is its price.

It comes with a complete array of LED backlighting rather than the edge-lit type on most lower- to middle-grade LED TV units. Also, for the very first time, the Internet Apps Plus of Vizio is also included with its E-series.

Important Features

Here are some of the features of this unit:

  • Side angle viewing
  • Picture modes and calibration
  • Viewing and Picture
  • OPC Control Setting
  • Aspect Ratio Choices and Quality


The side-angle viewing feature of the Vizio E24-C1 24-Inches 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model) becomes lackluster because of its semi-matte finish and design.

It degrades relatively fast but can perform better with its black detail setting placed on a high setting.

At the same time, there is color and contrast saturation reduction beginning at about 20 degrees of center and becoming clearer at 25. Selecting the best picture mode under the E-series is very important.

With this, Vizio creates great choices: Energy saving mode (standard), Calibrated Dark, Calibrated, Computer, Game and Vivid. Both calibrated and the calibrated dark modes are considered the best options, with just the strength of the backlight being the main difference in between the two.

In fact, most users also believe that the calibrated mode is great for different situations. Other features also make the Vizio E24 a great choice for a TV on the entry level.

E for this series means “Entry” level. The colors are also beneficial for the backlighting style, since there are less uniformity and washout issues. At the same time, its 120HZ refresh rate, along with the 480 clear action rate backlight scan feature enhances motion and judder blur.

Also, the Optimum Power Control (OPC) control is very much hidden in the E-Series Vizio menu. However, it is recommended to be turned off because of its distractive outflow and influx of brightness/light produced by its backlight.

Outside the box, it will be set to On for any preset picture settings. The purpose of this feature is to save energy through the manipulation of backlight with its 18 backlight zones, or to lower the energy rating of TVs under this category.

This TV’s ‘wide button’, located on the bottom left of the control face of the remote, controls the normal, wide, zoom and stretch modes. With the use of HD programming, your wide and normal selection will appear the same, which means that there is no problem with this feature.

On the other hand, with non-HD programming, you may have a touch selection since the aspect ratio algorithms of Vizio are not that great.


  • Extremely thin framing bezel
  • Calibration is needed in order to get the maximum potential of this model
  • Easy to setup on a TV stand or a wall mount
  • Lightweight build
  • LED backlight is great with indirect daylight
  • Black detail feature improves black saturation while boosting contrast
  • 2×5 watt speakers are quite load in filling a smaller room
  • Various picture modes, with each of them having strong suits


  • Only equipped with 1 USB input
  • Poor side-viewing angle
  • There are certain aspect ratio issues with the standard def programming cannot be addressed properly
  • Poor screen glare from in-room light
  • The fan creates clicking noises when the TV is turned off


When it comes to overall physical features, the Vizio E24 series comes in a basic black color, along with a thin frame of about half an inch. You may notice that the stand is quite different compared to the odd two pronged inward supports as with the bigger models.

However, it can be perfectly accommodated by a small table top. The design does not come with a pop or sizzle. However, overall, it looks good enough.

While the Vizio E24 series may not come with a remote that has special capacities – no voice recognition, no motion control or QWERTY keyboard – it is still okay all in all. It still comes with a small remote that comes with effectively laid-out keys that provide quick access to the needed controls.

These are the basic things needed on a remote. The buttons used for accessing will certainly be among those that are used most frequently.

All in all, the Vizio E24 presents a very competitive value on all aspects for an LED TV at the entry level.

The price is great as well. As a matter of fact, with all of its features, its price is surely a great deal. Picture depth and strong contrast from the front, as well as the center, is definitely the highlight in the realm of picture quality.

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