LG TV Reviews

LG TV Reviews

One of the best TV brands on the market right now is LG. It constantly offers new modern technologies that enhance your entertainment viewing.

This brand offers a variety of TV models which vary from budget, mid-range, and high-end models. Some of the best LG TV models which you can purchase are described below.

LG LF6100

This particular unit is the best Smart TV model if you are on a tight budget. This affordable TV has a VA panel which presents more consistent blacks compared to a regular LED TV.

Given its standard design, it has no wide viewing angle which you get from a majority of LG LED TVs.

However, this model doesn’t fail when it comes to providing good picture quality as it boasts a 1080p resolution, which is the best among all LG budget level models. It also has a great contrast ratio which allows you view brighter pictures than usual.

One of its drawbacks is its high input lag, which isn’t the perfect choice if you wish to use it as a gaming output. As compared to other models, this one does present more motion blur, but it looks just fine when watching movies and TV programs.

LG UF8500

As compared to other budget models, this LG UF8500 is the best mid-range TV model. It has a 4K HD resolution which is four times better than any Full HD resolution, enabling you to watch your favorite programs in precise detail.

It offers a 120Hz Refresh Rate, making it able to reduce motion blur as much as possible. One of its good points is its great smart features like the WebOS 2.0 which makes it easier to navigate apps and 3D feature, providing you with more realistic viewing content.

It also has a nice viewing angle which makes colors remain accurate at different angles.

On the other hand, as compared to other brands, this has an inferior picture quality due to its inconsistent blacks that don’t look good when placed in a dark room, however it does have less motion blur which makes it ideal for watching sports.

If you are a gamer, this model may not be perfect for you because it tends to have heavy input lags.

LG EG9600

This LG unit is the best model among its high-end products. This generates the best picture quality with its OLED design that doesn’t need a backlight to provide a deeper hue of blacks. This makes this product incredibly thin and gives more life to every detail.

Like all its predecessors, it has great smart features and a great viewing angle. On the other hand, this falls short in terms of retaining static images which can be done well by LED TVs.

The color uniformity doesn’t work well with dark colors, which give inferior and inconsistent blacks. Like the others, this has high input lag which doesn’t make it ideal for the gamers out there.

LG EF9500

This LG TV unit has a 4k resolution and an OLED type screen. Unlike other models, its picture quality remains brilliant even in dark rooms.

It is the best choice if you are a heavy gamer because it produces the least input lag among all other LG models on the market. The black uniformity of this model is excellent, but its dark grays may not be as good.

Among its greatest smart feature is its passive 3D which produces no alternating lines commonly evident among other models. This also functions well when watching sports as it ultimately produces no motion blurs.

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