Best TV Under 500

Best TV Under $500

While the technology behind TV manufacturing has moved constantly, the mid-to-entry level category has continually enjoyed enhanced picture quality, together with a constantly increasing list of different features which were previously reserved for more expensive models.

Because of this, you can now choose the best TV under $500. This means being able to enjoy high-quality viewing experience at a fraction of the price compared to high-end brands.

Here are some of the best options for TVs under $500 available these days:

Vizio 43” M-Series M43-C1 Ultra HD Full-Array Led Smart TV

One of the most widely-popular technologies being used these days is 4K Ultra HD.

However, what this model has to offer is its 28 active zones with its Full Array Local Dimming, allowing the set to produce deeper black levels, improving its contrast and thus producing a quality image in any type of lighting environment.

This is just considered as the entry-point when talking about the features that this flat screen, mid-level TV from Vizio has.

What makes the M-Series of Vizio a good choice is the fact that it is completely loaded with amazing options, including 5 HDMI inputs, a snappy smart interface, a 120Hz native panel which results in high-quality motion resolution and a very solid picture quality, even though you may still have to make some adjustments in order to get things just right.

Extra features include a six-core processor and a double-sided remote equipped with a QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung 40” J6200 Series UN40J6200 LED Smart TV

This model is highly-priced because of its uniform black levels, rich colors and smooth motion resolution. It comes with a plain-Jane stand, thick plastic bezel and a panel which does not offer much when it comes to off-axis viewing.

It also comes equipped with smart functionality which is very desirable.

LG 43” 1080p 43LF5900 Smart LED TV

This model is often referred to as a gem that is hidden in the ore of HDTV. It comes equipped with nice features which are considered amazing considering its price point.

The amazing features include 3 HDMI inputs which can secure you with its major components, and its webOS 2.0, which is a favorite smart interface here.

Sony 40” Bravia W600B KDL40W600B LED Full HD TV

This unit is certainly a fantastic deal offered by Sony. It may be a little bargain, but it comes completely equipped with a smart platform, that amazing Sony glow and a 4 HDMI input.

Even though Sony has already shifted its focus to producing premium displays, its 600B is already good proof that it comes with great deals at a low tier.

Sharp 48” AQUOS HD Series LC-48LE653U LED Smart TV

This unit is not fully-equipped with the type of features which will knock you off your feet, most particularly when it comes to its smart apps, which are generally limited.

With this said, Sharp has really done exquisitely in creating accurate, vivid color, with this TV being no exception. One drawback mentioned by other users is that Sharp decided to trade full-array backlighting with an edge-lit display.

Hisense 40” H4 Series 40H4C LED Roku TV

Perhaps it is your first time hearing of Hisense as a TV manufacturer. However, this brand has been effective in raising its own name out of its home country, China, and slowly making its way to the mainstream market.

TCL 50” 1080p 50FS3800 Roku Smart Led TV

Just like Hisense, the features of this model, particularly its display, will most likely not lead to you feeling amazed.

However, what this model boasts is the fact that it comes equipped with a 50-inch screen with a built-in Roku interface, all for a price that is below $500. As a result, this model is certainly a very attractive option.

If you are looking for a great option when it comes to saving a lot of money, the options above will certainly make you feel amazed.

As the technology behind TV manufacturing continues to grow, the list also becomes bigger and brighter, and even better than ever before.

As you may have noticed, the list already includes some 4K Ultra HD models which are all equipped with the latest and hottest features, as well as access to the best content that is available out there.

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