Best TV Under 1500

Best TV Under $1500

Whether you are looking for a new TV so that you can watch the big game or are getting one that can complement your new home and awe your guests, it is very important to make sure that you still perform some research before actually getting one.

There are some affordable offers on televisions these days, with some of them being really nice for their price, while there are some that are cheap because, basically, they come with low-quality materials.

Vizio P502UI-B1 50” 4K HD TV

The times are indeed changing. A 4K TV that is well below $1500 is something that was impossible a few years back.

With the technology behind the use of Ultra HD still in its early years, this pricing point would have seemed impossible before.

This unit from Vizio is well-equipped with 8 million pixels, the ability to deal with 4K motion processing content and 64 active LED zones, making this option your perfect gateway to the world of Ultra HD.

Toshiba 39L135U 39” HD TV

If you currently have a PS4 or an Xbox One, this TV model is definitely what you are searching for.

It is generally smaller and amazingly more affordable. This television offers 39” and is equipped with a Game Mode where it can decrease controller delay while pumping up its animated visuals.

This means that this model is not just for gamers, as this set offers ColorMaster technology which works perfectly in giving you that rich colored picture.

Sony KDL-W800B 55” Smart LED TV

Even though Sony has seemed to slip away from the front line of the TV industry, they were still able to introduce some really good units during the recent years.

For instance, this unit clearly outperforms the rest of it siblings. It produces a bright and crisp picture, with colors that are really spectacular for a television set in this pricing category.

Sony is really known for one thing – that is, coming up with good-looking units and it continues its tradition with this unit’s sleek kickstand.

Vizio D55u-D1 D-Series – 55-Inch

When it comes to value, this model from Vizio is definitely a good choice when it comes to saving a few bucks and still getting that one-of-a-kind television model.

These sets come with an amazing local dimming feature that offers a picture that will certainly rival what you may have seen on other models that are twice the price of this unit.

This unit is well-equipped with amazing black levels, a nice, pure, contrast and amazing refresh rates that can handle all the action that you need it to deal with.

LG 55UB8500 55” 4K Smart TV

If you are interested in fully benefiting the features of a Smart TV, one of the best operating systems that you can take into consideration is the WebOS.

This is something that this model from LG is proud of. As such, it offers uncluttered, smooth and easy-to-use features.

Even though it is a Smart TV with a really nice operating system, this model is very affordable, fitting well under this category.

TCL 40FS3800 40-Inch Roku Smart TV

This 40” TV may be considered as a smaller TV, and a very affordable one at that, but it is not void of the most amazing features that you can expect in a good TV for your home.

For instance, it comes equipped with the impressive built-in Roku connected features. At the same time, it is also one of the easiest interfaces that you can navigate.

Also, if you want to cut its cable cord, you might want to consider this unit for your bedroom TV.

Sharp LC-60LE650U 60” AQUOS

As advancements in technology continue to push off models that are considered outdated from store shelves, you can still have a good chance when it comes to getting a good deal.

This is what is currently happening with this unit introduced by Sharp. When compared with other LCD models, this unit definitely stands out. It comes with an impressive picture quality at unbeatable value.

With all the models mentioned above for you to review, you can definitely find that best TV under $1500 that will fit not just your budget, but also your preferences and needs.

Knowing the details of the possible options available for you, you can make that well-informed decision the next time you visit a store.

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