Best TV Under 1000

Best TV Under $1000

A lot of people think that having the best TV set inside their home will cost them a fortune. However, this is not the case, considering that there are great TV options under the $1000 price range.

As technology improves, more and more manufacturers have been manufacturing similar-featured units, thus allowing for the prices to become manageable. Here are some of the best TV under $1000 options available today:

Samsung UN50JS7000FXZA SUHD TV

Samsung pulled off the veil from its greatest and latest TV innovation – SUHD technology. While it is not clearly stated what “S” represents, one thing is sure – it does not represent “Super” Ultra HDTV.

It is equipped with vibrant new displays, showcasing some of the best vivid colors that have ever been produced on an LED TV. The secret to this technology is a 10-bit, brighter panel that is coated in a nano-crystal layer, which, according to Samsung, helps in improving the accuracy of the color.

Aside from a brighter and better panel, this model is also complete with 3 USB and 4 HDMI inputs, processing extra features such as local dimming in order to enhance contrast.

At the same time, the decked-out Tizen Smart Hub of Samsung, along with all of its streaming apps, is needed in order to keep viewers rightly glued to their couch.

It is also listed on the lowest scale of the SUHD technology lineup, with the performance of the TV suffering just a little bit, especially since the TV’s native refresh rate is only 60Hz, which means that high-speed content may have the possibility of experiencing lag without any help from motion processing.

Sony XBR55X810C

Even though it is quite hard to match the model offered by Samsung, this amazing 55-inch set introduced by Sony is a great contender, thus providing a 120Hz native refresh rate.

At the same time, Sony’s motionflow is quite a really handy feature which is perfect for watching fast-paced sports, along with direct backlighting, which comes with excellent contrast.

Vizio M55-C2 4K Ultra HD TV

Vizio is a great contender in the world of LED TVs. The company has been able to produce good products that can contend well with the models offered by bigger brands.

Vizio has proved its capability in the field of flat screen prominence for several years with its aggressive ratio on price-to-performance, with its M-series as a main example.

It comes with a great combination of picture quality and features at a really good price point. This 55 inch display offers full-array local dimming along with 32 independent zones for high-quality contrast, a native 120Hz panel, making it possible for amazing motion response, and a six-core processor which allows for efficient performance.

Sony XBR49X830C 4K Ultra HD TV

Despite the fact that the TVs introduced by Sony may be considered more expensive than others for their size, this comes with good reason.

Sony is among the best when it comes to processing, thus enabling it to produce units that offer excellent performance, together with accurate colors from an average LED panel.

Even though the X830C model may be a little smaller compared to its other 4K Ultra HD competitors, and, as expected, less likely to enable your eyes to see its complete effect, it is still able to offer amazing motion performance and color accuracy, as well as above-average contrast.

Samsung UN55JU6500 4K Ultra HD TV

Even though this model is not included in the SUHD line, it is still jam-packed with a lot of features that are considered amazing when compared to its price point.

With its 4K resolution, this model is complete with a full array of local dimming features, thus making it possible to produce a better contrast. At the same time, since it is a VA panel, it also comes with rich black levels as well.

LG 55UF6450 4K Ultra HD TV

Even though this may not turn out to be the best deal presented by LG, this 55-inch is filled with real 4K action, making it an amazing contender. One drawback that is pointed out by some consumers is that, compared to the UF7300, it is smaller by five inches from one point to another.

At the same time, it also does not provide the True Black Control processing that is famous with its sibling model.

Sharp Aquos LC-65LE654U HD TV

If you are just interested in having the biggest TV available without caring about its 4K technology, this TV certainly fits your needs.

It is plus-sized, produces vibrant and bright colors and comes complete with enough features and inputs which are perfect for any seated viewer in your home theater.

Even though its contrast or black levels may not really compete with the others, the overall quality of this model is very promising. Just note, however, the prices may fluctuate through the course of the year.

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