Best TV Recorder

Best TV Recorder

Once upon a time, catching a favorite show on TV meant the need to schedule your activities around the TV program in question.

With the advancements brought about by technology, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) enter the picture. With a TV recorder, you can be assured that your TV viewing can now be programmed around your schedule and not vice versa.

In several instances, a TV recorder will replace your personal cable box. This means that you can watch your favorite show without the need for a cable or even a satellite subscription.

With these DVRs, you have the option of obtaining a CableCARD from your cable provider, as well as accessing digital channels via the insertion of a card to a DVR slot.

Standard TV Recorder Features

Most TV recorders come with recording options that can allow you to set your DVR so that it can record your favorite programs every time there is a new episode, skipping all the rest.

Therefore, you will not accidentally forget to set it. At the same time, you do not have to worry about your hard drive getting bogged down with the programs that you have already seen.

While most DVRs come with a lot of internal storage space, eSATA ports are also available, allowing you to connect onto an external hard drive in order to expand the capacity for recording even more.

Most models of TV recorders now have apps for streaming such as Amazon Instant Video and Netflix, while enabling you to have access to different channels of OTA or through digital signals rather than having to pay for cable fees every month.

Some TV Recorders come with streaming options which can provide you access to both analog (over-the-air/OTA) and digital channels.

It was not really that long ago when the thought of being able to manipulate live TV broadcasting by pausing, rewinding, fast forwarding and slowing it down was almost a ridiculous idea. However, virtually all TV recorders can do that now.

What to Search For

With a TV recorder beautifying your entertainment center, everybody inside your household can easily watch their favorite programs, even though multiple show times may overlap.

This means that the best TV recorders can easily make this process easier to use with a larger hard drive and simultaneous recording.

Among the favorites in the TV recorder scene include the Dish Hopper, TiVo Roamio Pro and DirecTV Genie.


For those who are non-cable subscribers, a careful eye is very important when it comes to checking on the compatibility options of the chosen TV recorder.

Of course, you definitely want your chosen recorder to work well with your TV, whether it is high or standard definition, and finally to be able to access over-the-air, free channels.


An actual product is only as good as the combination of all its parts. A TV recorder is in no way different. Among the most important elements that are functional under the hood of a TV recorder are simultaneous recording options and hard drive space.

If you are interested in building a big HD library filled with recorded movies and complete seasons of your favorite TV shows, it is very important to find a TV recorder that is equipped with terabytes of storage space.


Modern versions of TV recorders can have access not just to your cable TV subscription. As a matter of fact, there are even some that can give you access to several video services online such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video, as well as other photo sharing sites including Flickr and Photobucket.

If you are not a cable subscriber, you can also ensure that the unit you get can give you access to free channels using OTA broadcasts and digital signals.

Input and Output

The best TV recorder should be equipped with both connectors for input and output. While most activities using a TV recorder may not need wires, it is often nice if that ability is included, such as hooking up an external hard drive to the eSATA port as needed.

Should you still feel the need to expand, even after hundreds of recordings are done, this can be achieved via a USB port connected to a computer.

Support and Help

Aside from the actual TV recorder device that you have at hand, other factors can also come into play. For example, a good support service is a vital aspect that you need to consider.

In this way, if you need a responsive technical support team that can provide you with assistance anytime of the day, an email, live chat or phone support, are good features to look into.

With the help of the best TV recorder, you can enjoy your favorite TV show, regardless of your schedule.

Lastly, with the capability to record more than one channel simultaneously, you can view your favorite program when it is convenient for you, thus allowing you to take control of your entertainment options.

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