Best TV Brands

Best TV Brands

When talking about brand performance, which means the way in which brands perform in comparison with some factors, the results are often mixed.

For one thing, a brand may offer a specific type of model which is not offered by another, such as different feedback on LCD TVs and Plasmas. However, there are some brands that stand out as really solid choices based on the feedback of actual users.

Standout Brands

Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic are consistently included among the list of top performers in the ratings during the past few years.

These brands come equipped with a high standard track record and reputation. Also, Sharp and Vizio TVs have also delivered quite a strong performance which can satisfy any viewer, except those who are too demanding. Their record in the field suggests that other models will just follow them.


What a lot of consumers like about Sony TVs are their picture quality. Every Sony TV offers fresh colors, clear pictures and very deep blacks. Sony is known as a great option when it comes to HD viewing as well as gaming.

It offers amazing sound quality which is really appreciated, as there is no more need to buy other accessories in order to experience real entertainment, such as a soundbar. Another positive feature of this brand is its durability.


Another leading player in the game of TV brands is Samsung. The company is considered as a market leader and a top-tier manufacturer of TVs.

As a matter of fact, they also offer LCD, LED-based TVs at virtually every price, size and feature level.

They also offer the widest range of UHD TVs among different TV manufacturers. These days, Samsung TVs are widely available from both regional and national retailers, clubs and even online websites.

LG Electronics

Reviews from different consumers report that LG is often viewed as the Apple of TVs. The company is a top-tier manufacturer of TVs.

In fact, it is the only brand that is currently creating and selling a new technology TV – OLED TVs.


Panasonic used to be known as a premier brand in plasma TVs. As the need to produce modern models of TVs continue these days, Panasonic has now started to sell a wide lineup of Viera-branded LED-based TV units.

This also includes Ultra HD sets that range in different sizes, between 55 inches and 85 inches. The manufacturer has also mentioned introducing their own version of OLED TVs, but has not introduced one to the market yet.

Other High-Quality Brands


Sharp has been manufacturing LCD TVs way longer compared to most of the modern day manufacturers.

However, as of January 2016, the company has exited the business in North America after selling its TV line, including its manufacturing plant in Mexico.

As several experts would agree, Sharp served as an early leader when it comes to producing LCD TV technology, continuing to operate one of the highly-advanced LCD panel plants in the world and able to create extremely large LCD panels.


Vizio is an electronics company in the U.S. It started its humble beginnings from a warehouse club brand to becoming one of the high-end, top-selling brands of TV in the North American territory.

The TV models are available for purchase at warehouse clubs, major retailers and online retailers. The TV lineup of Vizio also ranges from entry-level models to higher-end, fully-featured Ultra HD TV models across different screen sizes.


Toshiba is a global manufacturer based in Japan, with a headquarters in California, USA. Even though it has already exited the business of TV manufacturing in the North American region, it has transferred its license to Compal Electronics in Taiwan.


Insignia is considered as the signature house brand of Best Buy under the televisions category.

The TVs manufactured by Insignia are often value-oriented and priced below other major brands which have similar features. TVs that are Insignia-branded are all available as LED LCD TVs that are available in all range of sizes.


Westinghouse Digital, as a company, has already passed the license to TongFang Global, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, producing TVS under Element and Seiki Digital Brands in the USA.

TV models that are under this license are being marketed through a sales company named Westinghouse Electronics.

The options on TV models under this manufacturer are presented as budget-priced options, which are well below other sets introduced by major brands.

Bottom Line

Aside from the brand, there are also other factors that need to be considered when it comes to choosing the best TV for your home.

However, since these brands come with their own reputation and a support group in the form of consumers, reading the reviews can definitely help when it comes to identifying the best TV brands that can fit your needs and preferences.

The good thing is that these brands offer a wide range of options, which means that you can definitely find one to your liking.

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